All systems operational

Test stage outage

2. June 2022 at 11:11
Resolved after about 3 hours


Partial outage
Ajila Forms Hub Services
Digital Deals (Forms Factory Service)
  • Resolved

    Summary of Impact: Between 13:00 CET on 02 Jun 2022 and 16:00 CET on 02 Jun 2022, as a customer you may have experienced issues when accessing or using a application on the Test-Environment.

    Preliminary Root Cause: We determined that a update of a service multiplied database entries and flooded our database cluster.

    Mitigation: We have stopped the affected service so no new entries can be created and the affected service had to be restored to a properly working version.

  • Investigating

    There is currently a issue with our Test Stage. Therefore our Digital Deals Services are not available.

    Production is not affected!